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PostHeaderIcon Certified Scrum Master!

From now and then, I am certified Scrum Master. Certified Scrum Master

I attended the training lead by Jeff Sutherland (co-founder of Scrum method, CEO of Scrum Inc.).
Jeff gathers both practical knowledge from his personnal experience, and a deep work of research and reflexion on IT and processes around IT. As s skilled manager, engineer and orator, his training brings a lot of information and added value. Many thanks to him!

I’d like to thank Xebia France for their welcome, and, of course, Sungard Global Services and the BKN “Lean and Agile” for investing in its architects continuous improvement.

Jonathan LALOU and Jeff Sutherland - Paris, France, December 13th 2011

PostHeaderIcon Scrum Methodology Training – English/Hindi

One month ago, I trained an Indian team, located in Mumbai, on Scrum methology.
Here are the slides of the presentation. It is mainly in English, but with a bit of Hindi in order to please the Indian attendees 😉

The presentation is hosted by Google Docs, under Creative Commons CC-by-cc licence.

PostHeaderIcon Presentation “La Methologie Scrum” (deuxieme version)

Le mardi 15 decembre 2009 j’ai anime une nouvelle presentation “La Methodologie Scrum”. A cette occasion, j’ai ameliore le support powerpoint pour prendre en compte certaines remarques qui m’avaient ete faites.
La presentation est disponible, sous licence Creative Commons CC-by-cc, est heberge sur GoogleDocs.

PostHeaderIcon Presentation: “La Methodologie Scrum”

Lundi dernier j’ai anime une presentation devant une trentaine de collegues, au sujet de la methodologie Scrum. La methodologie Scrum est une methode agile de gestion de projet.

Les transparents de la presentation sont disponibles sur Google Documents, a ce lien.

Licence: Creative Commons CC-by-cc