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PostHeaderIcon (long tweet) When ‘filter’ does not work with Primefaces’ datatable


Sometimes, the filter function in Primefaces <p:datatable/> does not work when the field on which filtering is operated typed as an enum.


Actually, in order to filter, Primefaces relies on a direct '=' comparison. The hack to fix this issue is to force Primefaces to compare on the enum name, and not by a reference check.

Quick fix

In the enum class, add the following block:

public String getName(){ return name(); }

Have the datatable declaration to look like:

<p:dataTable id="castorsDT" var="castor" value="#{managedCastorListManagedBean.initiatedCastors}" widgetVar="castorsTable" filteredValue="#{managedCastorListManagedBean.filteredCastors}">

Declare the enum-filtered column lke this:

<p:column sortBy="#{castor.castorWorkflowStatus}" filterable="true" filterBy="#{}" filterMatchMode="in">
  <f:facet name="filter">
    <p:selectCheckboxMenu label="#{messages['status']}" onchange="PF('castorsTable').filter()">

      <f:selectItems value="#{transverseManagedBean.allCastorWorkflowStatuses}" var="cws" itemLabel="#{}" itemValue="#{}"/>

Notice how the filtering attribute is declared:

filterable="true" filterBy="#{}" filterMatchMode="in"

In other terms, the comparison is forced the rely on equals() of class String, through the calls to getName() and name().

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