Jonathan LALOU

32 years (born in 1980)

European Driving Licence

mail: myFirstName {dot} myFinalName {at} Gmail {dot} com

Senior J2EE Engineer – Architect – Tech Lead – Scrum Master


2000-2003 : Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de NancyENSMN ), 1st class French Engineering school, option Information Systems Enigneering.

High level scientific and business formation: mathematics, physics, economics, management, information systems, philiosophy, languages…

Graduation Projects:

  • Conception of a editorial process management software.
    • Company: Scientific journal IJDAR (web site) .
    • Mission: Firstly, the project is to draw up a state of the art of existing in the field of the systems of online conferences and editorial management. In a second stage, based on this existing yet, the site must be improved.In practice, software BYU Paper Review System was used as a basis for the new grinding of IJDAR.
    • Context: Project carried out in a group of 5 students in engineering of 3rd year,
    • Time: from October 2002 to February 2003,
    • Language: the code is mainly written in PHP
  • Design and Implementation of a Common API for Web crawlers.
    • Company: Societe Europeenne des Satellites Astra (web site) .
    • Mission: The webcrawlers are softwares that “crawl” entire websites. They allow to download great quantities of data, which can then be consulted offline later. The project consists to evaluate (effectiveness, speed, cost, capacities) and to compare the different webcrawlers existing inthe market. Then, in one second stage, the project is to carry out a softwareautomating and managing the crawling of websites.
    • Context: Project carried out in a group of 3 students in engineering of 2e year,
    • Time: from October 2001 to May 2002
    • Language: exclusively Java.
  • Conception-Innovation-Production of a new service on the web.
    • Company: (virtual company)
    • Mission: It consists in simulating the creation of a company, on both lawand economic sides. This virtual company goal is to conceive and marketa new service on Internet.
    • Context: Project carried out in a group of 4 students in 2nd year of engineering school and 2 students in 2nd year of the Institut Commercial de Nancy (Nancy Management School)
    • Time: from October 2002 to February 2003, within the framework of the Artem-Nancy project.
    • Language: code samples were written in HTML and PHP/mySQL.
  • Programming of a robot in a high level language.
    • Company: project lead under Loria (research laboratory in computer sciences)authority.
    • Mission: Lego marketed Mindstorm, a robot that can be programmed by Graphcet via a PC. However, researchers quickly noticed that they could handle the CPU directly. The project consisted in developing an embedded applicationto use this robot.
    • Context: Project carried out in a group of 2 students in engineering of 1st year
    • Time: one week of November 2000.

2000: B.Sc. in Mathematics , University of Paris VI – Jussieu , with honors.

Credits: topology / differential calculus, algebra and matrix digital analysis, integration, probabilities.


2011: Certified Scrum Master, delivered by Jeff Sutherland of Scrum Alliance

2001: Certificate in Advanced English, Certification of University of Cambridge.

2001: Diploma Basico de Espanol, Spanish Certification of Instituto Cervantes.

1999 : Deug MIAS (French scientific diploma), University of Paris VI – Jussieu, with honors.

1997 :  Baccalaureat S (French Scientific A-Levels), with honors. Entering Lycee Condorcet, French High School post A-Levels.