A long time ago, in a far far galaxy… I had a blog under DotClear 1.2 and a personnal website with my resumes and publications, entirely hand coded under XEmacs (yes, I’m a geek). I was faithfull enough to wait for DotClear 2 release. On summer 2009, on a veric specific project, I met another blogware, named “WordPress”, of which features were very amazing.

Then I chose to update my personnal website, using this famous WordPress. After all, if a complete easy-to-use and standard compliant CMS is available, why wouldn’t I use it? 😉

By the way, I decided to feed WordPress with the notes I have taken in my professional context. I have gathered these notes on a simple OOo spreadsheet: they are the bugs, Exceptions and issues I have encoutered since I ended school ;-). I hope this blog content will be useful for people who will encounter the same difficulties. 😉