June 2021
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PostHeaderIcon Jonathan LALOU recommends… Stephane TORTAJADA

I wrote the following notice on Stephane TORTAJADA‘s profile on LinkedIn:

I had reported to Stephane for one year. I recommend Stephane for his management, that is based on a few principles:
* understand personally technical and functional problems
* allow team mates to make errors, in order to learn from them
* protect team mates from external aggressions and impediments
* escalating up and down the relevant information

PostHeaderIcon Jonathan LALOU recommends… Ahmed CHAARI

I wrote the following notice on Ahmed CHAARI‘s profile on LinkedIn:

Ahmed has shown his ability to absorb and learn complex technologies, as well as improve his skills in a short time and a not-so-easy environment. This is why I consider Ahmed as a software engineer to recommend for any Java-focused team.

PostHeaderIcon Jonathan LALOU recommands… Sidney COHEN

I wrote the following notice on Sidney COHEN‘s profile on LinkedIn:

Sidney has a deep knowledge of the technologies he uses, such as Tibco systems. In several occasions, he was able to liaise with the key people of the right teams, perform the good actions and deliver the best solutions to various issues. Moreover, he has learnt complex Java technologies in a short time.
I recommend Sidney as a good worker and a friendly team mate


PostHeaderIcon Jonathan LALOU recommands… Yann BLAZART

I wrote the following notice on Yann BLAZART‘s profile on LinkedIn:

Yann has a wide knowledge in technologies, specifications and implementations of JEE. He has shown his ability to propose and implement technical solutions to various technical and functional issues and subjects. Besides, by helping his colleagues, he succeeded in raising the general level of the team. All this is why I recommend Yann as a Java developer and architect.

PostHeaderIcon Jonathan LALOU recommends… Ronan PIERRE

I wrote the following notice in Ronan PIERRE‘s profile on LinkedIn:

I have reported to Ronan for more than two years as I was software architect at BNP Paribas. Ronannot only holds title: he *is* an actual team leader and project director. Efficient, skilled, open-minded, you can trust him: as a provider, he is used to following requirements and keep delays ; as a manager, he will do all that is necessary and sufficient to keep his commitments and find solutions if, ever, an issue appears. I strongly recommend Ronan as a very valuable professional.