August 2020
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PostHeaderIcon Blog Upgrade onto WordPress 3.3.1 on

Yesterday I upgraded the blog to WordPress 3.3.1. Last version was a but old (2.8 branch), I installed it in october 2009.

Being hosted on, I had to use a customized version of WordPress, released by Gaetan Janssens on his blog Petit Nuage’s Stunning World.

The process I followed is basic:

  • back up database via PhpMyAdmin
  • export the blog full content
  • backup current state of (former) remote WordPress code
  • upload WordPress 3.3 via FTP
  • reupload once more (I often happened to have files that FTP “missed” to receive, or received partially ; I don’t think FileZilla is the root cause)
  • add a .htaccess (the former one vanished in outer space, I ignore why)
  • login to admin
  • disable all plugins
  • restore default them
  • display the blog
  • enable theme
  • enable each plugin one per one

I encountered some issues, that I fixed after a short look in PHP code. Well… I was a PHP expert ; I am no more :-D. I may speak Spanish better than PHP.

Now it seems to work. So far, having kept the same theme, almost no differences are visible. I only added links and social sharing sections on the left column. Anyway I’d like to change the theme (even though I enjoy it and its Tux 😉 , and I’d like to keep a Linux-oriented style)

Akismet does not work anymore  (more information on Pascal Ledisque’s bloc, in French). I may use Antispam Bee instead.

I also was unable to display Twitter flow: this issue is linked to the previous one: prevents WordPress from accessing external HTML, XML and/or RSS flows.

PostHeaderIcon Starting a new position at Amundi AM

This week I have started a new position as transverse architect at Amundi Asset Management in Paris (France).
I have to manage the project of Stabilization and Reliability of the platform (tens of JOnAS servers, EJB2 to migrate to EJB3, JVM tuning, etc.). I will have to face hard technical challenges.

I wish I’ll spend a nice time with my new team!

PostHeaderIcon Twitter within GoogleReader

Let’s say immediatly there is no miracle solution and it required a bit of work…

If the title is not explicit enough, the goal of this post is to give a way to include Twitter flow within your GoogleReader. IMHO, the main features of GoogleReader over regular Twitter are the following:

  • posts are stored on long term
  • posts can be searched or filtered by keywords
  • easy integration with Google Plus share button
  • ability to give a priority to feeds (as in Google Plus’s circles)
  • a simple interface to monitor all feeds

Unlike, following Twitter accounts on Google Reader (or even any other RSS aggregator) makes you lose the real time feature of Twitter.

This said, how to include your Twitter follow list within Google Reader syndication?

  • For each of the accounts you follow on Twitter, get the userId.
  • The easiest is to select a tweet > right click > source code > search the attribute “data-user-id”, get the associated number, eg: 813286 for @BarackObama, 50055701 for @MittRomney and 248309482 for my prefered one: @John_the_Cowboy ;-).
  • Alternatively, you can request the following service:
  • In Google Reader, add a feed: Replace “XYZ” with the actual number retrieved before

Of course, this is not easy at all, as said in the disclaimer above. It is long, takes much time, and can become fastidious if you follow tens of people. Anyway, Google Reader users are geeks rather than newbies. You may create a Groovy script of setup a Mule instance to automatize de process ;-).

I suggest you to create one or many folders to gather the Twitter feeds.

PostHeaderIcon java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.sf.cglib.transform.impl.InterceptFieldEnabled


 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.sf.cglib.transform.impl.InterceptFieldEnabled  at$  at Method)  at  at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass( 

Fix: add cgilib-nodep.jar to your classpath.

PostHeaderIcon com.novell.ldap.ldif_dsml.LDIFReader: Version line must be the first meaningful line


 LDAPLocalException: com.novell.ldap.ldif_dsml.LDIFReader: Version line must be the first meaningful line(on line 1 of the file) (82) Local Error 

Fix: add this line at the bottom of your Ldif file:

 version: 1