January 2020
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PostHeaderIcon Jonathan LALOU recommends… Ludovic MAURILLON

I wrote the following notice on Ludovic MAURILLON‘s profile on LinkedIN:

I had reported to Ludovic for more than two years. Ludovic gathers eclectic skills: functionnal, technical and managerial. Ludovic is as fluent in Java as in prime brokerage. As a good leader, Ludovic always listens to his teammates. He is able to create trust and confidence between him and the people he works with. This trust creates strong synergy within and between teams: this is one of the factors that explain the successes Ludovic has encountered in all the projects he was involved in and/or led since I have met him. Shall I recommend Ludovic? Of course! Hire Ludovic, he is among the most valuable professionals you may work with!

PostHeaderIcon Jonathan LALOU recommends… Denis PIHAN

I wrote the following notice on Denis PIHAN‘s profile on LinkedIn:

I worked under Denis’ indirect management. Denis is one of the most valuable professionals I have worked with. His knowledge is wide and impressive. Developer, architect, team leader, COO… He has gone up all the stairs. Nothing can stop him. His skills are numerous. Denis inspires trust. His pieces of advice are searched and followed by the tens of peoples who have worked with him. And do not let me forget to mention the enjoyment of listening to Denis’ Aussie accent!

PostHeaderIcon Jonathan LALOU recommends… Jean-Pierre ISOARD

I wrote the following notice on Jean-Pierre ISOARD‘s profile on LinkedIn:

I have worked with Jean-Pierre for almost two years. Jean-Pierre has a wide knowledge of Java technologies and frameworks, plus a large experience of project management and team leading. Very committed to his tasks, Jean-Pierre releases a high quality work. Open-minded, he does not hesitate to challenge his ideas and positions, spotting at one point: provide the technical solution that fits the best the functional need. Therefore, I warmly recommend Jean-Pierre.

PostHeaderIcon Jonathan LALOU recommends… Vincent NAEGELEN

I wrote the following notice on Vincent NAEGELEN‘s profile on LinkedIn:

Vincent joined the Prime Brokerage team as an intern. He quickly integrated himself to the new project “from scratch” I was setting up, and learned various technologies of JEE world, such as GWT, Hibernate, Spring, etc.Vincent kept on working within my team after his internship, on a brand new and innovative application based on Mule ESB, giving satisfaction to all his colleagues. I strongly recommand Vincent for his technical skills and functionnal knowledge.

PostHeaderIcon Jonathan LALOU recommends… Karim CHORFI

I wrote the following notice on Karim CHORFI‘s profile on LinkedIn:

Working with Karim is a pleasure: always available, smiling, with a sense of humor. This is for the human profile ; concerning his professionnal abilities, let’s mention his double skills -finance and IT- make him able to handle various problems, as complex technically as functionnaly.

I recommand Karim warmly.